Vinayak Siddhi Hospital

About Us

About Vinayak Siddhi Hospital

Vinayak Siddhi Hospital Eye and Child Care Centre was founded on1st Feb 2023 by Dr. Ritu Raj Chaudhary to provide affordable eye and child care for everyone using the latest diagnostics and surgical technologies. Our hospital brings the most advanced vision and pedia care near you.

We have the best Eye and Child specialists who are renowned for their expertise. Their experience includes heading departments of medical colleges, serving as faculty, involvement in research and years of expertise in advanced surgical procedures which are helpful in treating various eye and pediatric diseases.

Our commitment is to provide you a safe medical practices with the goal of positive outcomes for all our patients.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide best eye health services those who are poor and needed most.

Core Values

Our core values are to focus on patient’s needs and to provide extraordinary customer satisfaction with utmost integrity and respect.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer quality service, compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost effective health care to one and all

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