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Ritu Sir pic

Dr. Ritu Raj Chaudhary

  • BAMS, MS
  • Ex. Director (Ayurvedic Services).
  • Ex. Principal (RAC Lucknow).
  • He is retired from director post of Ayurvedic services. While in the post he did tremendous work for the welfare of common people and also works for the growth of Ayurvedic sciences in Uttar Pradesh.
  • He has always worked and helped poor and needy people around.

Dr. Prakhar Chaudhary

  • Ex. Assistant Prof Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust Sitapur.
  • Ex. Senior Resident Sri Sankaradeva Nethralaya.
  • He is expert in all type of Advanced cataract, glaucoma and oculoplastic surgeries.
  • Many years of experience in field of ophthalmology. Whether it is academics, research, clinical or surgeries.
  • Has operated over 20,000 eyes till date.
  • Experience in cataract, Glaucoma (Medical+Laser+Surgery) Refractive surgeries.
  • ICL (18- 35 years age group)
  • RLE (Above 40 years)
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology (Refraction & Amblyopia treatment).

Vineet Kumar Singh

  • Consultant Optometrist
  • D.R opt, B.opt Clinical fellowship in Sitapur eye hospital 12 years working experience as a Consultant optometrist (Sitapur eye hospital sitapur)

Pooja Verma

  • OPD & OT assistant

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Bind

  • B.Optometry
  • Diagnostic Procedures:-
    * Biometry:-A-Scan (Contact & Immersion), Keratometry, IOL Master 700.
    * USG B-Scan.
    * Optical Coherence Tomography.
    * Pachymetry & Perimetry.
    * Tonometry (AT, ST, RT, NCT).
    * Gonioscopy.
    * Specular microscopy.

    Training & Internships

    1 year internship at Sitapur Eye Hospital, Sitapur

    Workshops & Conferences

    * Low vision workshop at Sitapur Eye Hospital in February

    * Workshop on Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy at
    Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, online mode 2022.

Shreya Srivastava

  • 1 year experience in Family Bazaar as Sales Executive.
  • 1 year experience in Vivo Call Center as FDO.
  • 04 yr. experience in Ratan Eye Hospital as receptionist.
  • Presently working in Vinayak Siddhi Hospital as Receptionist.

Manish Kumar

  • OT assistant
  • 12 yr. working experience in Sitapur Eye Hospital as OT assistant.
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